Rules And Settings


Keeper Settings:
1 player per position can be kept (3 OF)
2 SP and 2 RP can be kept
3 players at any position can be kept
(so, if all possible positions are kept, you will have 15 of the 25-man roster on your keeper list)

Minor Rosters:
12-man minor rosters
No more than 2 players at a given field position
No more than 4 pitchers
80 games played or fewer for batters to qualify
80 innings pitched or fewer for pitchers to qualify
Can be kept on minor rosters for up to 300 games/innings (batters/pitchers) played.
Games played in calculated at the beginning of the season and is re-calculated at the end of the season. Current season games played does not count toward the qualifying number.

Virtual DL (VDL):
If a player is injured, but not on the official DL, he can be placed on the VDL. No confirmation needed, but I may revert back if not legit

Trade Deadline:
No Free Agent pick-ups after the trade deadline. Only injury back-fill and minor call-ups are allowed.

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