Hale Buchman & Hale Buchman, Jr.

The Buchmans refer to themselves as "sports moguls" but are affectionately known by the Stogies as Asshole & Asshole, Jr.

Although the Buchmans are the owners of the department store that bears their name, it has never been profitable enough for them to own the Stogies outright. The heavily mortgaged team, as well as their store, were put up as collateral for the loan which for years was held by the Wiregrass State Bank of Dothan, whose president and chairman of the board was J. Harrell Smythe, owner of the Dothan Cardinals. This leverage enabled Smythe to initiate the game-fixing plan that caused Stud Cantrell to be temporarily blacklisted.

However, when Cantrell returned from California, he was mysteriously able to provide the Buchmans with enough money to pay off the State Bank of Dothan, provided they gave him full operational control of the team. Although it was never made clear where the money came from or who the new (and unidentified) mortgage holder of the Stogies actually is, speculation swirls around his new friendship and association with Rockwell Porter and Sam Clemens. There have also been some whispers that the elusive Blanche "Ann" McGrath might possibly be the source of the mystery money.

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